Anthropology | Human Variation
B370 | 26733 | Kaestle

This course explores the variation within and between human
populations and individuals in anatomy, genetics, and behavior. Topics
covered include biological concepts of race, and evolutionary
processes acting on humans in the past, present and future to shape
our body, genes and behavior. We will explore current hypotheses
regarding human variation in a multitude of traits including skin
color, body shape, blood type, response to stress, disease resistance,
IQ, violent behavior, and sexual orientation, as well as explore the
nature/nurture debate. Also discussed are the implications of
anthropological data and theories for current and future human
biological and social problems. The topics of this course involve
profound questions facing our society, and revolve around new and
constantly evolving science and technology. This is a lecture course
with readings from both textbook and research articles, a midterm and
final, and a 7-10 page research paper (2 exams and paper each worth
1/3 of grade). Prerequisite: sophomore standing or instructor’s