Anthropology | Chanting Down Babylon
E206 | 26737 | Sterling

"Chanting Down Babylon" explores Afro-Caribbean popular culture as
political dissent, such as against colonialism and its legacies, the
failures of local government, and global political and economic power.
Course goals include (1) providing a broad historical, political,
economic and cultural context for understanding contemporary Caribbean
society.  The course (2) investigates religious, musical and other
forms of popular cultural production according to four themes:
“Spatializing Resistance”; “‘Dictating’ Resistance”; “Voicing
Resistance”; and “Writing Resistance”.  The course finally considers
(3) the ways in which these cultural politics play themselves out
across global sites to which Afro-Caribbean peoples have immigrated.
While the course primarily explores “popular culture” on a local,
grassroots level, mass-media production (music, writing, film) made in
and outside the region will also be considered.