Anthropology | Res Meth in Cultural Anth
E606 | 5117 | Greene

This graduate level course explores fundamental issues and approaches
in anthropological field research. We will examine social scientists’
field experiences as well as ethical, theoretical, and practical
problems inherent in the conduct of ethnographic research. Primary
topics to be covered include: the genesis of modern ethnography,
current ethical dilemmas and proposals for activist approaches,
research proposal and design, forms of documentation, archival
research, life histories, technology, spatial analysis, survey and
interview techniques, multi-sited ethnography, and the ongoing
reconceptualization of “the field.”

Students will carry out research exercises designed to introduce them
to the practical realities of operationalizing methodological precepts
and to promote reflection on the complexities and dilemmas involved in
producing and evaluating field data.

This course will be taught primarily in a discussion format in which
students bring their experiences of performing research exercises to
bear upon course readings. Guest speakers, engaged in ongoing research
in a variety of contexts, will provide insights into specific
techniques and problems in ethnographic research.