Anthropology | Discourse Analysis
L600 | 26753 | Trix

Discourse Analysis is interdisciplinary study of texts. In this
seminar we focus on qualitative study of face to face interaction--its
intellectual history as well as its practice. We examine approaches to
discourse analysis from earlier symbolic interactionalism and
Conversational Analysis to Critical Discourse Analysis. The emphasis
will be on linguistic and anthropological perspectives. In particular
we study feature analysis of repetition, discourse markers, non-verbal
interaction, interruption,  miscommunication, and narrative and,
within the socio-interactive context,  how these relate to larger
questions of identity, difference, and power. We explore discourse
studies in medical, institutional, legal, spiritual, and familial
contexts. We also include related hybrid studies of written and oral
discourse. Students will become adept at transcription of interactive
oral texts; student research projects are an integral part of the seminar.