Anthropology | Laboratory Method in Archaeology
P406 | 26758 | Scheiber

Youíve come back from your first (or second or third) archaeological
dig, now what?  Artifacts donít speak for themselves; it is only
through laboratory analysis that we are able to answer anthropological
questions about the past.  Knowing how to choose appropriate
laboratory techniques and methods of analysis is a critical skill in
interpretation and is an essential part of archaeological training.
In this class students will focus on processing, describing, and
analyzing artifacts and data from recent work at a 19th century Native
American hunting camp in the remote mountains outside of Yellowstone
National Park, Wyoming.  Students will work on individual projects the
last half of the semester.  All students will be encouraged to present
their results at the Plains Anthropological Conference in Bismarck,
North Dakota in October, 2010.

Prerequisites: ANTH P200 and/or ANTH P405 are recommended but not