Biology | L104 Intro Biology Lecture:Biology of Food
L104 | 5142 | Bonner, J

L104 Biology of Food
In this course, we will examine some of the things that we eat.  We
will examine what happens to them after we eat them, and how
different nutrients do different things. We will try to understand
some of the biology and biochemistry of the plants and animals we
eat.  We will look into their ecological and evolutionary history,
which will help us understand the basic phenomenon of “cuisine.”  We
will look into the genetics and molecular biology of things we eat,
which will help us understand why so many different kinds of living
things can serve as food for us.  This information will help us
answer such curious questions as why so many cultures have some
variation of “rice and beans.”  It will also help us understand how
agricultural crops and animals have been altered by breeding
programs, and give us some insight into the current controversy of
Genetically Modified Organisms.  The course is organized around
different kinds of foods.  We’ll work our way through some
interesting recipes for good eats, and try to understand the things
we’re eating.  We’ll look at ice cream, and how to make it.  We’ll
look at pizza.  We’ll look at hamburgers.  We’ll look at beer.  When
we’re done, we may have not only a bit of understanding, but a
cookbook as well.  Three midterms and a final, with optional papers
as make-ups.