Biology | Intro to Biol lecture: Human Biology
L104 | 5144 | Chooi-Odle, Y

L104 Human Biology
L104 is designed to provide non-majors with an overview of human
biology. The course topics are broadly divided into four sections.
Section (1) Chemistry of the molecules of life, Cell structure and
function, Cellular Respiration. Section (2) Cell Reproduction,
Cancer, Genetics. Section (3) Digestion, Circulation, Immunity,
Reproduction.  Section (4) Biotechnology, Human Evolution.  A
fundamental knowledge of these systems is presented with a view
towards the understanding of the basis of many common diseases.  The
approach taken in this course is directed towards the cellular and
molecular levels.   Pre-requisites: At minimum, high school biology.
Four exams, quizzes and take-home assignments.  Attendance