Biology | Biological Mechanisms
L112 | 5173-5174 | Ruesink

L112 Introduction to Biology: Biological Mechanisms.   Al Ruesink,
instructor.   This course focuses on many unifying principles of
biology, showing how organisms of various kinds meet the problems of
maintaining and propagating life.  Topics include biological
molecules, enzyme activity and regulation, structure and function of
membranes, structure and activity of cellular organelles, mitosis
and the cell cycle, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, classical
and molecular genetics, plant structure and development, plant
physiology, animal development, human reproduction, and finally
animal physiology with its topics nutrition and digestion,
circulation, organismal respiration, nervous system and receptors,
endocrinology, and immunology.  Students attend required weekly
learning group sessions that encourage the development of skills
such as writing about science, speaking about science, solving
biological problems, and generating scientific posters.  Learning
groups also help prepare students for the three hour exams and the
final exam.