Biology | Molecular Biology
L211 | 5193 | Kumar, J

Spring 2010
L211 Molecular Biology
Instructor Justin P. Kumar
MWF 9:05-9:55

The determination of the structure of DNA ushered in the era of
molecular biology and this in turn has led to profound advances in
our understanding of how cells function, how organisms develop and
how disease is initiated. In this course we will cover the molecular
and biochemical mechanisms that underlie the replication and
maintenance of the genome, cell division and tissue growth, genome
architecture, gene regulation, transcription and translation as well
as protein modifications. These topics will be integrated into
discussions of how complex organisms are formed and derived from a
single cell. And finally, the exciting techniques of molecular
biology such as polymerase chain reaction, DNA microarrays and
chromatin immuno-precipitations will be described, as will their
many applications.

Students are required to attend lectures. Attendance at office hours
is optional.  In addition to the required text: “Molecular Biology
of the Gene” by Watson et al., sixth edition, 2008, students will
also be responsible for a set of weekly reading assignments. Grades
will be determined by five midterm exams.