Biology | Genetics
L311 | 12922 | Calvi

Course: Genetics L311
Instructor: Calvi, Brian
Course format: Lecture. See Schedules of Classes. Discussion
section: 1 hr each week (times to be arranged). Required attendance
at lecture and discussion section.

Course description: This is a rigorous lecture and discussion course
whose goal is to train students in the classic and modern principles
of heredity. The inheritance of traits and the molecular
organization of the gene will be covered in prokaryotic and
eukaryotic organisms.  We will address gene organization and
expression in individuals and populations.  Case studies will
highlight the impact of model organisms and genomic methods on the
field of Genetics. We will then discuss the increasing importance of
genetic concepts and methodology for the diagnosis and treatment of
human disease.  Required text: “Genetics: From Genes to Genomes” by
Hartwell, et al., third edition, 2008.  Weekly assignments: A
problem set due each week in section.  Exams/papers: Three exams and
a final.