Biology | Biology of Birds
L376 | 5205 | Hengeveld, S

The course is a 4 credit lecture/lab course intended for biology
majors. The course provides a general overview of avian systematics,
distribution, evolution, ecology, and behavior; emphasis is placed
on avian physiology, migration and orientation, territoriality,
communication, and reproductive behaviors. Field trips concentrate
on visual and auditory identification of local birds, interpretation
of behavior and interactions between birds, and field study research
methods. Labs focus on the study of taxonomy, topography, feather
structure, plumages and molts, sexual dimorphism, and anatomy.
Three exams, including a cumulative final, are short-answer, essay
format where students are expected to apply and explain concepts
discussed in lecture.  Students will also be asked to learn to
recognize the different orders and select families of birds of the
world, as well as how to ID unfamiliar birds using a field guide.
You will gain a new appreciation not only for birds, but all of
nature as we explore the biology of birds in the lab, lecture and
out in the field!