Biology | Microbial Physiology Lab
M360 | 5216 | Marketon, M

Course name: M360: Microbial Physiology Lab

Course format:  Laboratory (1:25P-5:00P, MW, JH A402) with
discussions at the beginning and/or end of labs. Students will work
in small groups to perform experiments. Some experiments will
require students to come to lab outside of the regularly scheduled
class time, and that can be coordinated with group members.

Requirements: C341, L113, M250, M255. Students should have obtained
a passing grade in these courses prior to enrolling in M360.

Course description:  This course will provide an overview of key
microbial processes through the application of molecular, genetic,
and biochemical concepts, which are used in today’s academic and
industrial research settings.  The course is designed around project
labs, in which students will become familiar with methods for gene
regulation, protein purification, and characterization of enzymatic
activity. Students will also learn how to use basic software to
analyze their data and present their data in a journal article
format. Ultimately, students should come away from this course with
a firm understanding of the scientific method, experience with
common tools and techniques used in modern molecular and
microbiology labs, and the ability to communicate experimental

Course materials: Most course material will be posted on Oncourse.
Students should check this site for experiment protocols and other
course information.

Recommendend text:  Fundamental Lab Approaches for Biochemistry and
Biotechnology.  New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998.

Grading: Grades will be based on daily class participation and
performance, 15-20 homeworks, 10-15 worksheets, 1-2 reports, and
periodic quizzes. Homeworks and reports are a group effort, while
worksheets and quizzes are an individual effort.