Biology | Biotechnology Writing and Comm
T322 | 12924-12925 | Magill, N

Biol T322        Biotechnology Writing and Communications

Course format:  Meets three times a week.
P: L211, and M255 or C343 (or equivalent laboratory background)

Course description:  This section is Intensive Writing.  Students
will read scientific journal articles in the fields such as cell
biology, microbiology, biochemistry, or biotechnology, and write an
extensive review article on their topic.  The other major assignment
is a “Standard Operating Procedure” for doing a procedure in a lab.
In addition, students will learn editing and critiquing other
scientific writing, +how to write for different audiences, how to
give an oral presentation, how to put together figures and tables,
and how to handle email and memos in a business environment.
Government regulation of science and scientific industries will be
discussed and will be a focus of the group presentations.

Assignments:  One page literature review, one standard operating
procedure, one group presentation, rewrites, plus other small
assignments including figures and tables, memos, emails, and
anonymous peer review of other students work.  Students should
expect at least 15-20 pages of writing plus extensive rewrites.

Exams:  midterm and final exam.