Criminal Justice-COLL | Corrections and Criminal Justice
P303 | 26422 | Oliver

This introductory level undergraduate course provides an overview of
the various agencies and processes that constitute the corrections
component of the criminal justice system. Among the specific topics
that will be discussed include the history of punishment in America,
the organizational functions of jails, probation, prisons, and
parole. In addition, special emphasis will be placed on how
prisoners adapt to incarceration and contemporary efforts to enhance
successful prisoner reentry.  A major goal of the course involves
enhancing students awareness of some of the major contemporary
issues and challenges confronting American corrections.

Readings:  Clear, Todd, Cole, George, & Reisig, Michael (2009).
American Corrections. Belmont, CA: Thomas Wadsworth

Class meeting:  Tuesday and Thursday, 9:40-10:45

Distribution Credit:  S & H

Instructor:  Professor William Oliver, criminal justice department