Criminal Justice-COLL | Career Criminals
P493 | 13580 | Spano

Law-abiding citizens have employment careers that can be short,
intermittent, and/or last a lifetime.  Criminologists have taken
this notion and applied it to criminal behavior by categorizing
criminal behavior over time as different types of “criminal
careers”.  The purpose of this course is to: (1) identify different
types of criminal careers (that range from sporadic criminal
behavior during adolescence to long-term patterns of criminal
behavior that can last for decades); (2) discuss different factors
that have been used to explain why people initiate criminal careers
and why they continue to engage in criminal behavior long term; and
(3) the policy implications of identifying and incarcerating career
criminals (high rates offenders).

Class meeting:  Tuesday and Thursday, 4:00-5:15

Instructor:  Professor Richard Spano, criminal justice department