Comparative Literature | Major Themes in Literature: Tales of Excess
C146 | ALL | Jeff Johnson

Please see Schedule of Classes for sections/times

Meets A&H and Cultural Studies Requirements, and fulfills the COAS,
School of Business, and School of Education composition requirements
when taken in conjunction with ENG-W143

Self-indulgence, luxury, decadence, me first—enough is never enough!
The world of literature is filled with characters who go too far,
won’t be satisfied, and push the limits of what society can handle.
This semester we will focus on tales of excess: from extravagant
luxury to single-minded bloodlust. All sections will read Tennessee
Williams’ Suddenly Last Summer, H. G. Wells’ The Island of Dr.
Moreau, and Euripides’ Bacchae. Meet a mother and son team whose
wealth buys them every pleasure but cannot protect them from
homicidal vengeance. On an uncharted island, a doctor performs
freakish experiments on animals to discover the essence of humanity.
See what happens in the world of Greek myths when a king tries to
resist the god of wine and pleasure. Each section will read
additional works unique to that section that may include short
stories, poetry, novels, and drama. Individual sections may also
include television, art, music, and film.
This course continues to work on the development of skills in
critical thinking, clear communication, and persuasive composition
begun in the fall semester with BE-145. The workload includes three
essays, mid-term and final exams, as well as shorter writing
assignments. For composition credit, students must take BE-145 in
the fall semester. Both BE-145 and BE-146 are automatically bundled
with English W-143 (a one credit hour course) to certify composition