Comparative Literature | The Twentieth Century I
C537 | 26851 | H. Marks

4 CR
Class Meets TR 4:40 pm - 7:10 pm
Second 8-weeks only

Three essential _modernists_ and their nineteenth-century
precursors: poetry and prose of Valery (read against Mallarme),
Rilke (read against Holderlin), and Stevens (read against Shelley--
or perhaps Whitman). Is modernism a radical break with the past or a
late phase of Romanticism (and how useful is the whole notion of
periodization)? Rilke revered Valery, and Stevens the other two.
What if anything do we gain by studying them (and literature
generally) from a comparative perspective?

For the first class: please read Matei Calinescu, _The Idea of
Modernity_, Five Faces of Modernity, 13-92, and texts to be posted
on Oncourse.

Written work: one seminar presentation and a final paper.  Knowledge
of French and/or German is highly desirable but not obligatory;
texts in both languages will be available in opposite-face editions.