Cognitive Science | Autonomous Robotics
Q360 | 0100 | R. Beer

Cognitive Science ,  Autonomous Robotics
Q360 ,  0100 ,  R. Beer
Lecture:  9:30AM  10:45AM, TuTh, EG 833
Lab: 9:05AM  9:55AM, FR, EG 833

The role of the body in cognitive processes is becoming an
increasingly important theme in cognitive science. In order to model
embodied cognitive systems, some cognitive scientists have begun
turning to robots. This course provides an introduction to
autonomous robotics and its use in embodied cognitive science.
Students will first learn the basic principles of mechanical
construction, electronics, sensors, motors and robot programming.
Then they will build and program their own original robots for maze
traversal, balancing, manipulation and walking. Students will work
in small groups throughout the course. This course is very hands-on,
with students spending the majority of their time actually working
with robots under instructor supervision. The necessary conceptual
and technical background for each project will be delivered in a
series of short "mini-lectures".