College of Arts and Sciences | Picasso and the Creation of Modern Art
E103 | 11038 | Kennedy

4:00PM - 4:50PM MW
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Picasso's name is almost synonymous with 20th-century art. His
paintings are sought after by museums and collectors; his work
commands multi-million dollar prices; he has even been played on
screen by Anthony Hopkins. In this class we will examine various
periods of Picasso's long and extremely productive career,
concentrating within each period on a few key works. Although
Picasso's style changed radically from one period to the next, there
are on-going themes that connect the different phases of his art.
Among these are his persistent use of images from art of the past,
his mythologizing of women, his alternation between "high" and "low"
art, and his willingness to both maintain and attack the classical
ideal of beauty. These issues and others will offer continuity over
the course of the semester.