College of Arts and Sciences | Shaping Futures
X311 | 30515 | Recker

10:10 AM - 12:00 PM F
Second 8-weeks

A new and innovative class for select College of Arts and Sciences
sophomores, juniors, and seniors which features College of Arts and
Sciences’ alumni as guest speakers from careers in the arts, social
and historical studies, natural and mathematical sciences,
entertainment field, business, industry, politics, and more.  The
course will highlight the broad career opportunities available to
the College’s graduates, as well as discuss leadership and
management skills developed and utilized in the work environment.
The course is designed to bridge theoretical concepts with real-
world experience in the workplace.  The course will allow students
to build connections with accomplished alumni, expand their network
with working professionals, and better understand the ways in which
their liberal education – both in and beyond the classroom -
prepares them for long-term success.  Upon completion of this
course, students will be better prepared to identify how different
academic disciplines prepare them for interesting and satisfying
careers.  Students will develop a better understanding of how these
influences and contributions can be applied to their professional
and personal development.

If you are interested, please email, providing
your name, ID number, what year (sophomore/junior/senior) you are,
and a brief listing of any campus student organizations in which you
have been involved and held leadership positions.