Cultural Studies | Special Topics in Cultural Studies Seminar in African History
C701 | 15583 | Moorman

This is a research seminar that focuses on innovative research and
writing in Africanist historiography.  Seminar meetings will center
on selected texts that mark out some of the directions in which
historiography of the African continent is moving.  This will allow
the class to chart the longer standing trends as well as new angles
of investigation while also grappling with the challenges of
research and writing about the African past.

All seminar participants will research and write an article-length
paper based on original research.  Topics should be of relevance to
a studentís areas of study and should be viable given the time and
resource constraints of the course.

Written assignments include an intellectual autobiography (4 double-
spaced pages), a short research proposal (4 double-spaced pages + a
bibliography) and a seminar paper (30 double-spaced pages).