East Asian Languages and Cultures | Literary Chinese 2 (graduate section)
C507 | 12906 | Luo, Manling

This section open to graduate students only
3 credits
This course meets with EALC-C307 on same topic

2+ years of modern Chinese, equivalent competency in another East
Asian language using Chinese characters (such as Japanese, Korean,
or Vietnamese), successful completion of Literary Chinese I (C506),
or instructor permission is required.

A sophisticated writing system that found its origin in the
pictographic oracle bone inscriptions of the Bronze Age China,
Literary Chinese (wen yan wen) had served as the most important
medium of transmission for Chinese civilization for more than three
millenniums. Its spread to other parts of Asia also makes it the key
for accessing other pre-modern textual traditions of China’s
neighbors such as Japan and Korea. This course aims to further
develop the competence of students to read and translate Literary
Chinese. Emphasis will be placed on the comprehension of basic
syntax structures and the functions of common particles, the
expansion of vocabulary, as well as accurate understanding and
translation of the text. Readings will be taken from literary texts
of various genres and periods.