East Asian Languages and Cultures | Chinese Curriculum and Material Design
C535 | 29379 | Liu, Jennifer

3 credits
Graduates only

Notes: Permission of the instructor is required for non-EALC
pedagogy students.

This course is designed for students interested in exploring the
theories, issues, and principles of language curriculum design and
acquiring practical experience applying various syllabus frameworks
to design sample Chinese materials.  It aims at developing studentsí
ability to analyze and synthesize factors contributing to an
effective language learning program.  Specifically, the course
examines the inter-relationships between theory of language, theory
of learning, aims of syllabi, and the social and personal contexts
of student learning.  It also explores the theoretical and practical
issues related to the selection of content and method and the
development of corresponding materials for CFL/CSL courses.  It
provides students with an opportunity to engage in a semester-long
project, tailored to a teaching setting of the studentsí choice,
which highlights selected curriculum planning issues.

Assignments consist of readings, syllabus critique, material review,
syllabus design, and curriculum/material design.