East Asian Languages and Cultures | Introduction to East Asian Studies
E200 | 15201 | O'Bryan, Scott

This class is required for EALC majors who matriculated into IU
Summer/Fall 2008 or later.

This course is restricted to EALC majors and minors.

This course carries Culture Studies credit.

This required course serves several functions for EALC majors. It
is, first, a broad survey of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
civilizations that examines the idea of East Asia as a region with
unifying social, cultural, and political characteristics. At the
same time, we will also explore the ways in differences in cultural
and political history separate these societies from one another.
Finally, the course also introduces students to the history of the
various analytic frameworks that have guided modern scholarly
understandings of East Asian societies. By the end of the course,
students should have a coherent understanding of the history of the
East Asian civilizations in broad outline, and also a sharper
awareness of the variety of scholarly approaches by which
specialists have attempted to understand East Asia and communicate
those understandings to wider audiences.