East Asian Languages and Cultures | Studies in East Asian Thought: Modern and Contemporary Art in China and Japan
E351 | 26939 | Frick, Heike

This course open to undergraduates only.

Course carries Culture Studies credit.

Course carries COLL A&H distribution credit.

Course meets with EALC-E 505 and Fine Art-A 360 on this topic.

The course will deal with Chinese and Japanese art from the 19th
century until today.  Issues addressed in this course will be the
artists and his/her position in society, the encounter with Western
art and aesthetics as well as possible impacts, the interplay
between “traditional” and “modern” forms of art, and finally the
interrelationship between Chinese and Japanese art in the 19th and
20th century. We will analyze different formats and genres of art
production such as printings, cartoons, paintings and political
posters as well as avant-garde artists of contemporary China, who
are increasingly successful in the global market place.