East Asian Languages and Cultures | Studies in East Asian Thought: Ghosts, Immortals, Animal Spirits: Encountering the Supernatural in Traditional Chinese Culture (undergraduate section)
E351 | 26940 | Luo, Manling

This course carries Culture Studies credit
This course carries COLL A&H distribution credit
This course meets with EALC-E505 on this topic

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge of Chinese language is required.
The course can be used to fulfill requirements for the major in
EALC. 3 credits.

This course introduces students to the rich textual and visual
tradition of representing the supernatural in traditional Chinese
culture. From the earliest written record to the fiction of late
imperial period, the supernatural, in the form of ancestors,
deities, wandering ghosts, immortals, animal and plant spirits, or
strange phenomena in general, had occupied an essential place in
Chinese society for more than three millenniums. Visual
representations of the creatures and events in the readings will be
supplemented to enable students to look into the correlated
construction of the supernatural across media and through time. The
investigation of the broad spectrum of the supernatural and its
boundaries offers a unique perspective into the ethics, religions,
popular beliefs, literature and arts of traditional China. All
readings are in English and classes will combine lecture and