East Asian Languages and Cultures | Teaching Japanese Language (undergraduate section)
J425 | 26948 | Kuriyama, Keiko

This course open to undergraduates only.

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in EALC-J 302 or equivalent

Class meets with EALC-J 525.

This Course is designed for students who want (1) to learn how to
teach Japanese as a foreign /second language and (2) to become
familiar with important practical and theoretical issues in the
field of second language acquisition.  Because of the nature of the
class, students are expected to have an intermediate-high or higher
proficiency level in Japanese as measured b y the ACTFL proficiency
rating scale.

The goal of the course is to prepare students to teach Japanese as a
foreign/second language by introducing them to proficiency-oriented,
communicative approaches to teaching language.  Through various
class activities such as text book reviews, class observations,
teaching demonstrations, and in-class presentations students will
receive hands-on training needed for achieving this goal.  Many of
the ideas and methods addressed in this course will be useful to
students who may teach in other disciplines as well.
The course grade will be based on class-preparation and
participation, written assignments, a teaching demonstration, and a
final project.