Education | From Hollywood to Higher Education: College Themes in Film
U212 | 34196 | Kelly Kish and Adam Callahan

Day and Time: Tuesday, 4:00-6:30
Room: Teeter Conference Room F237

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to historical
and current issues in higher education using the accessible and
popular medium of film. Students will engage in highly participatory
class sessions with student participation and open dialogue to
examine historical and current affairs using film as the primary
instructional medium. The primary goal of the course is to enrich
student knowledge and understanding about American higher education
including: historical origins, participants, controversies, student
life, and athletics. We will ask questions such as: What are
cinematic representations of campus life and campus culture? What do
these representations mean to higher education? How accurate are the
fictional portrayals of colleges, universities, faculty and
students? Does it matter if they are accurate? What can we learn
about higher through film?