Education | Youth Empowerment and Education
U212 | 34208 | Juan Beruman

<p>Day and Time: M, 1-3:30<br />
Room: FRC 147B</p>

<p>How do schools and communities respond to inadequate schooling?
The frustrations with the inability of public schools in vulnerable
neighborhoods to meet the needs of its students have prompted
schools and communities to act by empowering youth.</p>

<li>How do schools and communities and  approach youth
<li>In what ways are they impacting youth, schools, and the
<li>To what extent are schools and communities addressing issues
as a result of inadequate schooling?</li>

<p>This course will provide an in-depth study on youth empowerment
with the most underserved populations in this country  urban, LGBT
(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) and youth of color by
examining theoretical models and empirical case studies.