Education | Graphic Novels: The Art of Social Issues
U212 | 34209 | Dustin Cantrell

Day and Time: W, 2-4:30
Room: WT 12-029B

This course focuses on the use of graphic novels to provide feedback
about current social issues.  Art is widely recognized as a medium
for social critique.  When it is combined with the narrative of the
written word, in particular, it becomes a powerful vehicle to
entertain, enlighten, critique, and even call to action.  This
course will use graphic novels to facilitate discussion about social
issues facing students as young adults, university students, and
members of a wider community.  Issues raised will range from coping
with adolescence, to issues faced by the LGBT community and allies,
to war, to sex work.  Through reflection papers and class
discussions students will be challenged to place these issues within
the context of their community and their lives.
Through this course students will:
1) be able to recognize visual literacy as a powerful tool to
inform, entertain, and critique.
2) become more aware of social issues facing their larger
3) develop critical thinking skills and apply these to the world
around them.