Education | College Student Activism
U212 | 34212 | Mahauganee Shaw

Day and Time: T, 1:30-4
Room: WT 12-029B

This course will survey the topic of college student activism, by
comparing student involvement and motivations for activism in the
1960s with contemporary cases. Students enrolled in this course will
research and learn about strategies used to mobilize participants
and organize protests; the reasoning behind different protests, as
well as the methods used; and how campus administrators reacted to
student unrest. Though this topic will allow for discussion of
events across the country, emphasis will be placed on how student
activism in the 1960s impacted the Indiana University campus.
Participants in this course will learn about the history of student
activism by studying the era when youth activism in America was at
its highest. As a group, we will critically assess the thought and
motivations behind student-led demonstrations, as well as their
functionality and effectiveness. Upon completing this course,
students will be knowledgeable about and able to engage intelligibly
in discussions regarding the course topic.