Education | Why Am I Here? How Do I Get There?
U212 | 34308 | Gretchen Harris

Day and Time: W, 5:30-8
Room: Willkie C111

In this course, you will explore historical and current perspectives
on the purpose of higher education, and the ways in which higher
education can facilitate the psychosocial and valuative/attitudinal
development of students.
At the end of the course, you will
1.	Have learned some of the different historical and current
perspectives on the purpose of higher education in three main areas:
academic, psychosocial, attitudinal/values/ethics
2.	Have developed personal goals in each of the three areas
3.	Have acted upon these goals
4.	Have created products from these activities, ranging from
presentations to web-based applications to a final paper.
This is not meant to be a course in academic or career advising.
This course is designed to help you understand some of the
history/philosophy of the importance of a college education to self
and society, and to help you design a balanced plan that will help
you focus your goals for college and beyond. You will be expected to
engage in activities in and out of the classroom that support your
goals and provide reasons that support your choice of goals and
applications. Though reflection is a necessary component of the
course, you are expected to synthesize readings and utilize those in
the formation and development of personal educational goals.