English | Speical Topics in Literary Study & Theory
L680 | 26974 | AH Miller

L680/V611  26974/15607  AH MILLER (#4)
Special Topics in Literary Study & Theory
(Victorian Britain: Culture & Society, 1820-1900)

9:30a – 10:45a TR


This course is, emphatically, a survey, open to students interested
in any aspect of nineteenth century studies in any discipline—
romanticists, Victorianists, historians, historians of art and of
science, folklorists.

We will have two principal aims:  the analysis of the methods of
different disciplines devoted to the study of the nineteenth century
and the rhetorical analysis of various forms of professional
writing.  And we’ll pursue these two aims simultaneously, on the
thought that one way to learn about the intersection of disciplines
is through careful study of the ways that their practitioners write
their conference proposals, conference papers, and articles.  (We’ll
write parodies some of these—a cheap assignment, yes, but an
instructive one too).  The disciplines on which we will focus will
include history and literature but I also plan to include reading
from analytical philosophy as well.

Writing assignments will include a conference proposal, an annotated
bibliography, and a conference paper. Along the way, we should
develop a preliminary understanding of the current state of
interdisciplinary study of the nineteenth century, and a hopeful
sense of the intriguing, valuable research and teaching that remains
to be done.