English | Writing Fiction
W511 | 26986 | Ardizonne

W511   26986  ARDIZONNE
Writing Fiction

2:30p – 5:30p R

W511: Writing Fiction is designed specifically for students who are
interested in writing fiction but who are not currently enrolled in
the graduate fiction program.  As such, the course is open to
students in the graduate program in poetry, graduate students in
English pursuing an M.A. or Ph.D., as well as graduate students
outside the English department.

The underlying idea behind this fiction workshop is that students
learn best about how to write literary fiction by writing, by
reading and analyzing published examples of literary fiction as well
as related critical texts, by reading the creative work of peer
writers and constructively discussing that work in class, by
listening to others discuss peer and model writing, by talking about
their work and issues of craft in conference with the instructor,
and by rewriting and revising.  A minimum of fifty pages of original
work will be required of each student over the semester.  Writers
will also be required to read and to respond critically to the
fiction submitted to the workshop, as well as to the required course

Recommended reading prior to the semester:  Writing Fiction, by
Janet Burroway; and Becoming a Writer, by Dorothea Brande.

Required course texts: The Art of Fiction, by John Gardner; Writing
in General and the Short Story in Particular, by Rust Hills; likely
an anthology of contemporary short stories.

by permission of the instructor.  Interested students should submit
a sample of prose fiction (a minimum of fifteen pages) along with
their name, e-mail address, and a description of their interests and
previous experience in writing (courses taken, etc.) to the
instructor's mailbox in Ballantine 442 as soon as possible before
registration.  Please enclose an envelope if you wish return of your
manuscript through campus mail.  If you wish to submit your
materials electronically, please send them to the instructor’s e-
mail account at ardizzon@indiana.edu.

Students in the graduate program in poetry have automatic acceptance
into this course; however, they should still contact the instructor
for authorization.