Folklore | West African Music
F301 | 10982 | D. Reed

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities, Culture Studies List A

Throughout history and up to the present day, west Africans have
created a broad range of compelling musical styles.  This class will
endeavor to understand music as a part of a larger complex of arts
in the aesthetic expression of West African peoples.  Students will
examine the fabric of performance where singing, dancing,
instrumental performance, visual and verbal display interact in
elastic and sometimes unexpected ways.  They will be expected to
develop an understanding of stylistic characteristics of west
African musical expression and to recognize variations in the
performances from one area to another.  The course will also
emphasize the importance of understanding music in west Africa
within geographical, political, social, and cultural contexts.  In
order to better understand indigenous perspectives, opportunities to
practice and perform musical examples that illustrate lecture points
will be integrated into the course. Formal training in music is not