French and Italian | Contemporary France: Film and Culture
F311 | 12641 | Dade, Juliette Natalie

Topic: Women and the Female Body in Film.  In this course we will
form a portrait of contemporary France and its cinematic history,
movements, practices, and theory by examining representations of
women and the female body in French films since 1950. We will also
look at critical concerns in cinematic analysis that focus on women
and the female body  such as the gendered viewer and object, and
systems of visual pleasure. Along with viewing the films, we will
also read key theoretical texts in order to become familiar with the
rich history of French film criticism, as well as documents that
provide us with the historical and cultural contexts in France in
which the films are created. Class discussion will be in English, the
films will be shown with English subtitles, and students may write
their papers in either English or French. No credit in concentration
area for French majors. Credit given for only one of F311 or F461. A
& H, CSB