French and Italian | French Studies-Traditions & Ideas
F450 | 25981 | Mickel, Emanuel J.

Title: Romanticism and Revolution.  In this course students will read
an anthology of poetry from early Romanticism through Baudelaire to
Mallarmé. In these poems we shall explore how the poetry of the
nineteenth century reflects the Revolution philosophically,
aesthetically, and in prosody. To this anthology we shall add three
or four short novels. In Barbey’s _L’Ensorcelé_ we explore the
question of regionalism and the conflict between the city and the
feudal past in the Revolution. In Barrès’ _La colline inspirée_ we
shall examine the deep ties of the Church to France’s history and the
problems of the Church in a secular state hostile to the country’s
monarchic past and to the Church. In Stendhal’s _Le Rouge et le noir_
we see a novel of specific time and place that provides significant
commentary on the effect of the Revolution on French society.
Finally, in Henri Murger’s _Scènes de la Vie de Bohème_, the novel on
which Puccini based his opera, _La Bohème_, we see the role of the
artist in the life of a modern industrial city and in the new life of
the developing French Republic.