French and Italian | Seminar in Medieval Italian Literature
M603 | 26010 | Storey, H. Wayne

Topic: History of the Italian Book.  The History of the Italian Book
examines the development of the book as a material and conceptual
product and its use/readership in the Italian peninsula from the
manuscripts of late Antiquity and the late Occitan poets and Old
French romances to the early printed editions of classics and local
rarities up to the creation of a national book production in the
eighteenth century. The course covers book production in all the
languages and many of the Italian dialects copied and published in
Italy from late Antiquity to the 1780s, including iconic works like
Boethius’s De consolatione, Dante’s Divina Commedia, French, Occitan,
and Italian anthologies of the 13th – 17th century. A strong reading
knowledge of Italian is required; one other medieval/classical
language is recommended (especially Latin and/or Old Occitan).