Gender Studies | Problems in Gender Studies: Visibility and Invisibility
G402 | 11273 | Shaw

Visibility and Invisibility: Race, Class, and Gender in Visual

This interdisciplinary course will explore how visual culture shapes
perceptions and debates concerning social identity categories. Our
primary focus will be on the contemporary West, although we will
also be exploring visual cultures in non-Western societies. Visual
culture is a broad term that includes practices recognized as “high
art,” media representations, and scientific images, as well as
individual creative expressions such as webpages and personal
photographs. The course will ask the following questions: how does
visual culture correlate with discourse in framing perceptions of
race, class, and gender? How can we understand visual culture as
both a vehicle of, and a response to, historical oppression? How do
individuals and groups participate creatively in visual culture? We
will be drawing from a variety of traditional disciplines in visual
culture, including anthropology, art history, cultural history, and