Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in Catalan Literature
C618 | 27089 | E. Illas

Professor Edgar Illas
email:  eillas

S614	Topics in Catalan Literature

TR 9:30a – 10:45a/section# 27089/3 cr./BH 238

Topic: The Making of Barcelona: Architecture and Nationalism in
Modern Catalonia

This course will study the relationship between architecture and
nationalism in Catalonia from the nineteenth century until the
present day, focusing especially on the urban development of modern
Barcelona. Catalonia’s politics of space constitute a fascinating
mixture of splendid architecture (Antoni Gaudí is only one example
among many others) and nation-building policies that sometimes have
expressed and sometimes have repressed the class struggles that
traverse Catalonia’s modern history. The course will also examine
the ways in which some literary works and films have portrayed these
politics of space. Finally, the course will include a series of more
general texts on urban theory and nationalism that will allow us to
understand the context of Catalonia and Barcelona vis-ŕ-vis Spain,
Europe, and globalization.

The course will be taught in Catalan.

Prerequisite: C400 or previous knowledge of Catalan.