Spanish and Portuguese | Literature of the Portuguese-Speaking World II
P401 | 27091 | Professor Luciana Namorato

HISP-P 401  Literature of the Portuguese-Speaking World II
(3 credits)

The second semester of a two-semester survey on the literatures of
the Portuguese-speaking world. In this course, we will examine the
concept of “Realism” – its adoption, transformation, and rejection –
by late nineteenth and twentieth-century Lusophone authors. We will
read prose, poetry, and essays from Lusophone Africa, Brazil, and
Portugal. All students will write a midterm and final exam.
Undergraduate students will write a short paper (6-8pp) and graduate
students will write a longer research paper (10-12pp) on a topic to
be approved by the instructor.

HISP-P 401  #27091  1:00P-2:15P  TR   BH 238  Prof. Luciana Namorato
Note:  This class meets jointly with HISP-P 498, #7473 and HISP-P