Spanish and Portuguese | Women Writing in Portuguese
P515 | 27095 | D. Sadlier

Professor Darlene Sadlier
email:  sadlier

P515	Women Writing in Portuguese

TR 4:00p – 6:30p/section# 27094/3 cr./BH 238

This 8-week survey will focus on writings by women from Portugal,
Brazil and Lusophone Africa. Although women produced occasional
texts in the medieval period, our primary readings will begin with
selections by the 17th -century Portuguese poet, Maria Violante do
Céu. Readings will alternate between Portugal and Brazil as we move
forward in time.

Selections to be read include poetry, theater, fiction, essay and
didactic works or “how to” guides for young women. The last weeks of
the course will include women’s writings from Lusophone Africa.
Topics to be addressed include feminism, motherhood, idealized and
erotic love, race, and political oppression in a transnational
context. We will also consider why certain women were included in
the literary canon while others were not.

Requirements include an exam and a research paper.

Course meets jointly with P415 and P498.