Spanish and Portuguese | Introduction to Hispanic Literature
S328 | 27213 | Staff

HISP-S 328 Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S280 or S310 or equivalent.

This course will help students to develop tools needed for more
advanced study of Hispanic  literatures through the reading and
analysis of selected literary texts from Spain and Spanish America.
One of the key aspects that students will take away from the course
is an appreciation of different genres as well as a reflection on
the concept of genre itself.  In this section of the course, the
following three genres will be covered: narrative fiction (short
story and novel), poetry and theater.  The course will also
highlight the importance of socio-historical context to literary
works by presenting texts from different historical periods.  In the
analyses of the selected texts, the course will introduce you to
basic narratological, poetic, dramaturgical and rhetorical terms
used in the study of literature.

Students will be evaluated as follows:

Writing assignments: 35%
Exams I and II: 30%
Final Exam: 20%
Class participation: 15%

This course carries the culture studies and arts and humanities

Note:  For students who matriculated Fall 2009 or before, credit
given for only two of these:  S328, S331, S332, or S333.  If you
have already taken two of these three courses, S331, S332, S333,
then you need not take S328.  Have questions?  Call the department
at (812) 855-8612 or e-mail

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