Spanish and Portuguese | Panoramas of Hispanic Literature
S334 | 27219 | Staff

HISP- S 334  Panoramas of Hispanic Literature  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  Must have completed one of these:  S328, S331, or S333

A panoramic introduction to the study of Hispanic literature in its
literary historical development, through a variety of literary
genres.  Periods and geographical areas may vary.

This class carries the culture studies and arts and humanities

Note:  For students who matriculated Fall 2009 or before, credit
given for only two of these:  S328, S331, S332, S333, or S334.  If
you have already taken two of these courses, then you need not take
S334. Take a 400-level class.   Have questions?  Call the department
at (812) 855-8612 or e-mail

HISP-S 334   #27219   1:25P-2:15P   MWF  BH 231   STAFF