Spanish and Portuguese | Hispanic Poetry
S417 | 27224 | Professor Melissa Dinverno

HISP-S 417  Hispanic Poetry  (3 credits)	   LITERATURE
Prerequisite:  Completed two courses from: S328, S331, S332, S333

What is the connection between poetry and where and when it’s
produced?  How does this genre, which we often think of today as so
far from the social fray, embody and speak precisely of its social,
political and historical moment?  This course explores poetry as a
site of literary and cultural experimentation, a space that both
articulates socio-cultural issues and, at the same time, speaks more
broadly of its own relationship to society.  Within this frame, some
of the issues we will likely discuss are poetry as a space for
exploring gender, sexuality, race and national identity, the
distinctions between “high” and “low” culture, poetry as a form of
religious indoctrination and nation building, and issues of
censorship and subversion through poetic discourse.

The first section of the course offers a workshop in theory and
praxis:  in what ways do we currently think about poetry and how
does that shape the way we read it?  What tools allow for deeper
textual analysis and help us create more interesting and complex
readings?  Moving from this background, the second section of the
course questions the place of the poet and poetry in Hispanic
society as we trace the shifts this relationship has undergone over
time.  We will discuss changes in the formulation of the poet as
storyteller/singer/historian of the people, philosopher, marginal,
bohemian, activist, and intellectual elite.  The final section will
likely be devoted to case studies of two renowned twentieth-century
poets, allowing you to build on your skills and knowledge from the
previous sections.

Class discussion and assignments will be in Spanish.

HISP-S 417  #27224  9:30A-10:45A  TR   BH 016  Prof. Melissa Dinverno
Note:  This class carries A & H credit.