Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish Syntactic Analysis
S511 | 27228 | J. C. Clements

Professor J. Clancy Clements
email: clements

S511	Spanish Syntactic Analysis

TR 9:30a  10:45p/section# 27228/3 cr./BH 231

This course covers several major issues in Spanish syntax, within a
framework of functional-typological grammar, with some additional
readings.  As a basis, we will study some introductory material that
introduces us to a variety of general questions (the basics of the
semantics-syntax and discourse-syntax interfaces). We study these
pertain to key questions of Spanish syntax, such as verb form use,
word order, pronominal systems, ser-estar etc.). Class time will
consist of lecturing and extensive discussion of readings and
supplementary materials.  Attention will be given to problem
solving, understanding different sides of an issue, and becoming
aware of the basic theoretical assumptions behind each issue. The
aim of this course is to provide the student of Spanish linguistics
with:  (1) a good basic understanding of some key issues in Spanish
syntax from a general functionalist perspective, and (2) the
essential analytical skills to sort out general advantages and
limitations of such a model.

There will be a course packet. Exams will include two major
assignments, various short exercises, and a final project.