Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish Literature of the 20th and 21st Centuries
S548 | 27230 | M. Bieder

Professor Maryellen Bieder
email: bieder

S548	Spanish Literature of the 20th and 21st Centuries

TR 11:15a – 12:30p/section# 27230/3 cr./WH 204

Topic: “Nation, Modernity and Gender”

An exploration of some of the styles, trends, and experiments in
texts across the 20th century and into the 21st century, with an
emphasis on changing attitudes towards Spain and modernity. The
course incorporates a reconsideration of classificatory terminology
and literary movements, from naturalism ("La barraca") and realism,
to the Generation of 98, peninsular modernism, the Generation of 27
and other generational labels, metafiction, narrative
experimentation, self-reflexive narratives, and historical memory.
Following the M.A. Reading List, the texts include novels, one play
and poetry, the latter available on On Course. The course situates
each work within its historical, social, and gender parameters and
identifies the degree to which each author conceptualizes Spain as a
problem. It reviews Spain’s historico-political trajectory from the
monarchy of Alfonso XIII and the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, to
the Second Republic, the Civil War, the Franco dictatorship, the
Transition, and the current constitutional democracy. A selection of
critical studies that incorporate different theoretical models will
accompany the reading of primary texts; these will be available on
On course.

Each student is expected to participate actively in class discussion
of each work. In addition to critical studies read and analyzed by
the entire class, each student will present one critical article to
the class for discussion. Two short (2-page) papers and one longer
research paper using MLA style (10-12 pages, including
bibliography), on a topic agreed upon with the professor.

Books ordered:

Valle-Inclán, Ramón María del. "Sonata de otoño". Madrid: Espasa-
Calpe. Paper. 9788467021714
Unamuno, Miguel de. "Niebla". Madrid: Cátedra. Paper. 9788437603476
Buero Vallejo, Antonio. "El sueño de la razón". Madrid: Espasa-
Calpe. Paper. 9788467031133
Martín Santos, Luis. "Tiempo de silencio". Madrid: Crítica. Paper.
Goytisolo, Juan. "Señas de identidad". Belacqua. Paper. 9788492421459
Martín Gaite, Carmen. "El cuarto de atrás". Barcelona: Destino.
Paper. 9788423327416
Muñoz Molina, Antonio. "Beltenebros". Barcelona: Seix Barral. Paper.
Riera, Carmen. "La mitad del alma". Punto de lectura. Paper.

Poetry (On-Course): Selected poems

Ángel González
Gil de Biedma