Spanish and Portuguese | 20th & 21st Century Spanish American Literature
S578 | 27230 | C. Good

Professor Carl Good
email: carlgood

S578   20th & 21st Century Spanish American Literature

TR 11:15a – 12:30p/section# 27230/3 cr./WH 204

Although the goal of this course is to provide an introductory
survey of 20th-century Spanish American literature, we will place
equal emphasis on exploring problems in the interpretation of the
texts read.  That is, in addition to the primary works on the
syllabus, we will examine numerous critical articles which are
representative of work that has been done in the study of Spanish
American literature.  We will also discuss the relevant historical
and cultural contexts of the works being studied, although seeking
to allow contextual factors to emerge from the works being read,
rather than using them to frame critical possibilities in advance.
The most important objective of the course will be to consider and
explore a variety of imaginative openings for interpretation of the
primary readings.

Course particulars: one short response paper, one class presentation
and a final research paper (15 pp. min.).  Readings will include Los
de abajo (Azuela); La amortajada (Bombal); selected short stories by
Borges and Cortázar; El reino de este mundo (Carpentier); Pedro
Páramo (Rulfo); La muerte de Artemio Cruz (Fuentes); Beso de la
mujer araña (Puig), and Respiración artificial (Piglia).