History | Jews in the Modern World
B322 | 27268 | Lehmann

Above class carries Culture Studies credit
Above class for Jewish Studies students only.  Obtain online
authorization from Jewish Studies Advisor.
Above class meets with another section of HIST-B 322

This course will introduce students to the major themes of modern
Jewish history, from the French Revolution to recent developments in
Israel. The survey will include topics such as the Jewish struggle
for Emancipation, the formation of modern religious movements within
Judaism, the challenge of secularization and assimilation, the rise
of Jewish politics, philanthropy, and Jewish nationalism, the
Holocaust and its aftermath, and the development of Jewish life in
the post-war era. While much of the course will focus on the Jews of
modern Europe, we will also look beyond Europe and study the unique
experience of the Jews in America, the emergence of the State of
Israel, and the fate of the Jewish communities in the Middle East.
We will work extensively with primary sources and students will have
an opportunity to develop their analytical and writing skills
through a number of short writing assignments throughout the