History | Hungarian Minorities Abroad: 1918-2006
D300 | 29645 | Ablonczy

Above class open to undergraduates and Education MAs only
Above class meets with  CEUS-R 349 and CEUS-R 549

The course focuses mainly on the XXth century history of the
Hungarian minorities abroad: the minorities in the neighbor states
and their situation due to the change of their status after the
world wars and the Hungarian diasporas in the United States and in
Western Europe. A special emphasis will be placed on the culture,
the intellectual life and on the social structure of these Hungarian
societies. A colourful panorama could be offered on the subject due
to the fact, that in the XXth century, in several waves, almost 2
millions Hungarians left their homeland for political, economical or
any other reasons, and additional 2,5-3 millions were compelled to
live in another countries in Eastern Central Europe. Different
cultural backgrounds and situations were source of very different
attitudes during the century, from Zsazsa Gabor (Hollywood actress,
famous for his marriages) to the archaic culture of the Hungarians
in Transylvania. The course will try to consider these differences
and to explain their source.